Gakken Medical Shujunsha

Company overview

  • Name: Gakken Medical Shujunsha Co., Ltd.
  • Address: 11-8 Nishigotanda 2-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8414
  • TEL. 03-6431-1200
  • Established: September 1, 1975
  • Fiscal term: September
  • Capital: 82,000,000 yen (as of October 1,2015)

Officers and Directors

  • President, Representative Director : Hiroyuki Kageyama
    Executive Managing Directors : Naoto Mukai
    Directors : Toru Goromaru, Tomoko Obukuro
    Corporate Auditor : Keisuke Mashiyama

Message from the President

As its name indicates, Gakken Medical Shujunsha is a combination of the Medical Publishing Division at Gakken Co., Ltd, a publisher of nursing books, and Shujunsha Co., Ltd., which published medical books. The new company is active in several medical and medical treatment areas, including basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, and nursing care. This marks a new start in total medical publishing.

Although medicine and the medical treatment system are different in every country, it can be argued that people and illnesses are the same the world over. One of our goals is to use information and communications technology to make advanced medical knowledge from Japan available to the worldwide market. By doing so, we hope to break the language barrier and distribute information that supports medical advances across the globe.

President, Representative Director:
Hiroyuki Kageyama

Group history

Gakken Medical Shujunsha Co., Ltd.

Oct.2009 Gakken Medical Shujunsha Co., Ltd. Established
2011 Gakken Medical Support Co., Ltd.(Formerly,Gakken Nursing Support Co.,Ltd.)established

Shujunsha Co., Ltd.

1975 Founded Shujunsha Co., Ltd.
1981 First publication of the monthly radiology journal Gazo Shindan (Diagnostic Imaging)
1982 First publication of the monthly molecular biology journal Saibo Kogaku (Cellular Engineering)
1990 First publication of the monthly clinical and medical engineering journal Clinical Engineering
1991 First edition of Jinko Kokyu Ryoho (Artificial Respiration) published (now in its revised fourth edition)
1995 Publication of Bio Jikken Illustrated (Biological Testing Illustrated) launches the KEY BOOK Series (seven volumes). Shifted to desktop publishing for all published materials.
2002 First publication of the monthly dermatology journal Visual Dermatology
2003 First edition of Imasara Kikenai Fukubu Eco no Kiso (Abdominal Echo Basics) published
2005 First edition of Dermoscopy Handbook published

Medical Publishing Division at Gakken Co.,Ltd.

1981 Gakken Co., Ltd establishes its Medical Publishing Division, first publication of Gekkan Nursing (Nursing Monthly), a journal aimed at nurses
1982 Publication of the Zusetsu Rinsho Kango Series (Illustrated Clinical Nursing Series) (12 volumes) begins
1985 First edition of Kango Katei ni sotta Taisho Kango (Supportive Nursing Processes) published
1997 First edition of the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Nursing published (now in its third edition)
1998 We have started to hold Gakken Nursing Seminars
1999 First edition of Shikkanbetsu Kango Kateino Tenkai (Disease-based Nursing Processes) published
2000 First publication of the bimonthly magazine series Nursing Mook
2003 First edition of Kango Gijutsu Practice (Nursing Skills Practice) published
2004 We launched practice test business for Nursing National Licensing Exam 
October 1, 2009 Gakken Medical Shujunsha Co., Ltd. and Gakken Co., Ltd formed a holding company on 1 October 2009, combining Shujunsha Co., Ltd. and the Medical Publishing Division of Gakken Co., Ltd. This marked the beginning of a comprehensive medical publishing company.

Business overview

Medical field


We publish books and journals in medicine, molecular biology, and biochemistry for physicians, clinical engineers, and other researchers.

Content solutions

In addition to digitizing content and providing content for medical equipment and databases, the system also allows you to develop Internet services and software.

【Example】 Apple iPhone / iPad application "Diagnostic Ultrasound Video Clips #1~#4"

Nursing field


We carry out highly specialized publishing activities aimed at nurses. Publication formats are varied and include books, journals.

Practice test

We hold practice testing for nursing students preparing for the Nursing National Licensing Exam. In 2010, over 75,000 examinees sat for the mock examination in Japan.


We hold seminars for practicing nurses featuring direct instruction in knowledge and techniques that can be immediately put to use in clinical practice.